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With students browsing through the internet of limitless knowledge at ease, the role of teachers is no longer confined to the conveyance of knowledge. Our job is to help students draw lines between the dots of disorganised knowledge - a vital step without which wisdom can never be attained. It is the wisdom that takes years of precise training. It is the wisdom students need for their challenges beyond the academic years. From dots to lines, from lines to pictures, from pictures to thoughts, from thought to wisdom, from wisdom to success.

Our Belief

Professionalism yields efficiency

"Specialised Teaching. Our specialists pay attention to the Finest Details and make personalised learning Possible

Mentorship and Friendship

Boasting tutors of distinctly diverse styles, LCLC adapts and caters to the needs of individuals. Motivation among students and tutors helps students go the distance.

Learning in the comfort of LCLC and the ambience of sheer focus

A study hub of serenity shared with fellow classmates with tutors always on hand to provide guidance.

Our Features

Time Management

Our timetable aligns with those at schools and of each student. Adjustment is made to make sure students miss as few lessons as possible.


Our in-depth analysis of school test/exam syllabus means students are provided comprehensive and tailor-made revision program.

Student Performance Analysis

“Engage Plus” helps collect and distribute student performances, providing important reference for parents and tutors.


With the aid of digital gadgets and student-friendly software, LCLC strives to break complex knowledge into learnable bits. Learning and revising is a gruelling process and our mission is to make less so and sustainable.

We teach and nurture

Marks on report cards are vital. Yet we do care about the psychological side of our students, who is under immense pressure in Hong Kong’s unforgivingly competitive learning environment. We talk, we touch their hearts to make sure they are holding up amidst the most difficult of times.

Specific Teaching Approach



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Part A - Courses

As long as you show the doctor's paper, we will let the tutor arrange the make-up class as much as possible.

Star supplement program - As long as you show the doctor's paper, we will arrange lesson recording and exercises. After so, the tutor will have a follow-up section.

Sorry, please try to follow our class schedule as soon as possible. If the student needs to take leave, please inform us as soon as possible. The tutor will try to arrange a make-up class.

Star supplement program - Sorry, please try to follow our class schedule as soon as possible. If students need to take leave, please inform us as soon as possible. We will arrange lesson recording and exercises. After so, the tutor will have a follow-up section. If the notice is made on the day of absence, students will only be given handouts.

Sorry, please try to follow our class schedule first because the tutor also has other classes.

It is of the students’ best interest to follow our class schedule first. Students are highly advised to make arrangements so as not to alter the designated learning program.

I. For high-flyers who have one absent school day per week: Ask the tutor if they can arrange classroom recording and exercises. Low performers or those who have two absent school days per week: enrol in Subject Classes.

II. For those who have one absent lesson per week: You can ask the tutor if you can arrange video recording and exercises. We will arrange lesson recording and exercises. After so, the tutor will have a follow-up section.

Junior high school- Except Chinese Subject, every subject will take two lessons a week. One is Lecture section while the other one is Paper Sections which focus on assessment past papers.

High school-Two classes are required every week. The 1.5-hour class is mainly for lectures, and the one-hour class is for practice. Past paper drilling and in-depth analysis is essential for DSE sitters.

S1-S2: As supplementary subjects, science / biology / chemistry / physics contain less content than other major subjects, which deservedly take up more time in our schedule.

S3: The content in S3 syllabus is the basics subject of the subject and need less time to master.

The first lesson is knowledge conveyance. The second lesson is drilling and exercises. The third lesson is consolidation. This is the belief we have held tight for years.

Our exam timetables and schedules are tailor-made according to the school exam timetable. The lessons will be arranged in a way that students will receive intensive care before the exam starts. Students enjoy a break after the exam until further notice.

We reserve time to do homework and cooperate with students' extracurricular activities. If there are no extracurricular activities on the day, you can do your homework first and then go to class. For meals, you can bring a meal box or order takeaways before the class. Students are also allowed to buy snacks or meals during the breaks.

Part B - Tutor

There are a maximum of 12 students in a small class. Multiple tutors are responsible for large classes. The ratio of teachers and students in each class will be 1 to 6 to 8 students.

All our tutors are full-time tutors who have graduated from universities, majoring the respective subjects.

Our tutors are specialists in their respective subjects and it is always our practice to assign tutors to a specific groups of students for at least half a term.

Due to manpower problems, we do not have high school English for the time being. We are making it possible as soon as possible.

Part C - Professor subject content and homework questions

Focused texts analysis, language fundaments and figures of speech are included in our syllabus. Exam-oriented exercises are provided during and before exam periods. Students can also join our Writing Class, which consists of two lessons a week. Students finish the writing in the first lesson. Tutors analyse the writing and students complete the correction in the second lesson.

Reading and targeted grammar items are the main focuses. Exam-oriented knowledge such as vocabulary and targeted story reading are also included.

In our own class, we will arrange several tutors to put the students together in accordance with the progress of the content and their respective levels.

We have no homework, because most students will forget to bring homework back. The learning effectiveness will be relatively low. We will make sure the students complete and correct the exercises before they go home.

If students encounter problems, they can actively ask the tutor before and after the class.

Part D - Fees

Supplementary Specialty-It will be based on the number of lessons.

Star supplement plan-Proportionally speaking, for example: S1 general course monthly fee is $ 5250 (there are 30 days in the month), For enrolment on 12th of a month, 18 days remain. (30-12 = 18). Thus, the tuition fee is $ 3150.

The tuition fee is calculated at a monthly rate. We charge the same regardless of the number of public holidays and lessons in the month.

Measures during typhoon or heavy rain

If the observatory issues a typhoon signal No. 8 or above and a red and black rainstorm warning, after the Education Bureau announces the suspension of classes, students must still pay attention to the latest weather conditions. If the relevant warning is lifted three hours before the class, students must still attend the class, and the center will not notify you.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us during office hours.



3/F, Andes Plaza, 323 Queen's Road West, Hong Kong (Sai Ying Pun Station Exit B1/B3, 5 mins distance from walk)

1/F, Treasure Court, 28 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


3997 3460



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Every student needs a coach on the way to maturity. Coaches not only focus on "teaching", but ,more importantly, provide company and guidance. With good coaches to guide and give encouragement, students can go further and more easily. Our responsibility is to set personal goals for students and to promote them to follow the steps to achieve success. "Teaching comes with learning". Tutors train students and at the same time they learn together with the students. If you hold the same belief, join us. Become a part of the professional team of Linear and Creative Learning Center and become a reliable coach in students' hearts. If you are interested, please email your resume to the center. If appropriate, the center will arrange further meetings with promising candidates. We look forward to meeting you.